ʻŌhiʻa lehua, sacred to Pele, the volcano goddess

Through the prompting of many, Live Lōkahi™ – a program for personal and community development, environmental stewardship  and socially conscious businesses will open this Summer.

Lōkahi is Oneness and means unity and harmony – to make peace. It also describes the interdependence between Ke Akua or God/the Creator-of-all and the spiritual world, humanity and nature.

Living lōkahi is a wellness blueprint of our Hawaiian ancestors and addresses the need to mālama, or nurture all three worlds in order for balance and health to prevail.

As inherently spiritual beings, everyone has the ability to heal themselves. In my ʻohana or family, permission must be granted to participate in the healing process and trust must be established for healing to begin to occur spiritually, mentally and physically.

I feel we must acknowledge and understand the values, customs and belief systems that have shaped the person being assisted. This understanding must be integrated into the healing process, or trust cannot be established and healing will not occur. The skill-sets I received through being trained in traditional Hawaiian healing practices imbued a deep respect for lōkahi.

Please join us on a transformational wellness journey where food as medicine and other holistic healing practices covering self-care, care-giving, transforming trauma, lāʻau lapaʻau (healing with plants), mālama ʻāina or environmental stewardship, and more will be explored.

Along the way, meet wisdom keepers from global traditions who will be sharing how they Live Lōkahi™!

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