Social Legacy Builders

Live Lōkahi – our Social Legacy Builders program addresses some of the most pressing issues and questions we face in the  Fourth Industrial Revolution. As we examine our history, values and life-styles while sharing a desire to optimize the benefits of science and technology, we must do so in a culturally relevant and appropriate way …. without harm to community or nature for the betterment of society, our global commons and our planet.

We attract and love collaborating with socially conscious entrepreneurs, organizations and businesses that have a strong desire and commitment to enhance community wellness and mālama ʻāina – take care of our land, nature and precious natural resources in order to build a more vibrant and sustainable future for our childrenʻs children. Live Lōkahi embraces a holistic approach to accomplish these goals.

We offer an integrated wellness approach bridging holistic Hawaiian and global ancestral wisdom practices with culturally appropriate modern science, technology, engineering, art(s), agriculture, humanities and math (STEAM) to design social legacy programs that are in alignment with your communityʻs vision and values, as well as your own.

Community partnerships between the private sector, government(s), not-for-profits, grass-roots organizations, and individuals play a critical role in the design and implementation of sustainable legacy programs.

Weʻre experts at outreach – a key component to building and maintaining strong alliances.

Creating social legacy programs is a healing journey for all involved.  After 30 + years of serving as a pioneer in this field, I can promise you that it is one of the most transformative and fulfilling experiences you will ever have!

Please contact us at if you would like to learn more on how to create a Live Lōkahi Legacy Program designed specifically for your family, community, organization or business.

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