We Are Made Out of Stars 


As a native Hawaiian cultural practitioner and multiple trauma survivor, Iʻve learned how to transform my trauma into creating a joyful, resilient and purposeful life as an artist and serial social entrepreneur dedicated to Mālama Hōnua –  taking care of our Island Earth. I was able to do this through the patient guidance of wise and loving kūpuna – spiritual elders that shared personal and ancestral wisdom, which has since been incorporated into my daily living practices.

Hale Makua, fondly known as Makua to many, is my primary spiritual mentor in Hawaiian esoteric healing traditions.  I received ʻūniki (traditional initiation) through him, which in turn allows me to share the healing traditions of our ʻohana (family) with you.  Makua is now in spirit.

Lōkahi: A Healing and Transformative Journey

Living with the intention to be of service to Ke Akua (God(s), Creator, Source), ‘āina (nature) and humanity is the beginning of your lōkahi journey of creating a more harmonious flow in your inner and outer worlds. Through the practice of lōkahi, your mana or “divine life-force” increases to attract what you need.

Lōkahi is the foundation for what we now call the Universal Law of Attraction. We manifest what we practice – this is a traditional Hawaiian belief. 

We are living in times of tremendous change and opportunity, catapulted by the Coronavirus pandemic which has made it clear that we are interdependent as a global community. A portal has opened for us to assess our values, priorities and lifestyles, and understand how our individual choices affect our collective welfare.

Our social fabric is torn apart. Our oceans continue to suffer from unprecedented global warming. Our fisheries are depleted and farmers are experiencing crop reductions…potentially leading to global famine. Widespread erosion is causing loss of important lands. Opioids abuse is on the rise. Domestic violence and sex trafficking are increasing. Homeless shelters are overflowing. Our healthcare system is overtaxed and our first-responders are fatigued…burnt-out. We are literally facing disaster upon disaster.

The crises we are experiencing as humankind is unprecedented, and likely to escalate unless we do something about it now. Many of our wisdom keepers, including his holiness the Dalai Lama, believe that the answers we are seeking already resides inside of us leading with aloha – or love and compassion, and ancestral wellness blueprints such as lōkahi.

Lōkahi, the Hawaiian Ancestral Wellness Blueprint provides a  timeless “solution” to resolve our personal challenges and global crises.

Lōkahi is a commitment to conscious living.  If you are a Change Maker or simply drawn to learn more about  how you, community or your organization can Live Lōkahi please join me for a complimentary exploratory session to see if our mentoring and coaching programs are a fit for your wellness vision and goals.

E mālama pono – Take care of yourself and cherish the light within,

We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.”

– Mahatma Gandhi