Watching the leaves of the Hala or Pandanus tree dance in the gentle trades of Kawaihae, I was inspired to shoot this quick video sharing a Hawaiian ancestral mindset for success.

Our kūpuna (elders) demonstrated this winning mindset many ways, including through weaving lauhala – leaves of the Hala for everyday utilitarian uses i.e. sails for outriggers, floor mats, sleeping mats, fans, clothing and adornment … jewelry.

P.S. I apologize for the occasional sound of the wind singing in our video.

This mindset – create a firm foundation before moving forward remains pertinent advice even today. Especially for families, leaders in all walks, and businesses… particularly entrepreneurs.

What ancestral or family practices inspire a “winning mindset” in you? Please share these practices so we can learn and grow together in these wisdom traditions.

Mālama pono – wishing you radiant health in every way!