Deirdre Fay, #1 Best-Selling Author and respected psychotherapist – creator of The Becoming Safely Embodied Skills practice interviewed me as guest instructor for her new course Healing Trauma as a Modern Day Bodhisattva. What an honor!

There are many parallels between traditional Hawaiian, Buddhist and Yogic healing traditions. During our interview, Deirdre asked that I share my perspective of trauma according to the healing traditions of my ʻohana – family.

We explored how all of life is connected through our hā, Hawaiian for sacred breath of life. And in this way, we discussed how lōkahi, a Hawaiian value and holistic healing practice can sustain us.

Lōkahi means harmony, unity and accord. It describes our interdependence with all. The Lōkahi Triangle is a holistic healing model which illustrates  the interconnection and interdependence between Ke Akua (God) and the spiritual realm, ʻāina (nature) and ke kanaka (humanity). Through regularly practicing lōkahi, we can begin to feel more safely embodied.

Let us know how you practice lōkahi!