When was the last time that you followed your spirit and intuition into adventure?

Ignored time and logic, and simply followed an inner knowing… a call to the unknown?

In Hawaiʻi, we call this practice holoholo.

Holoholo literally means to go for a walk, ride or sail simply for pleasure.

The kaona or hidden meaning of holoholo means to follow your spirit and intuition – to free your mind and act from the awareness of Being.

This is when portals open, and the great mysteries of life are revealed.

When hō‘ailona or signs and signals appear which affirm you are in the right place at the right time to receive messages from the spiritual world.

The “lō” in holoholo refers to the frontal half of the skull where our third eye or seat of intuition resides.

This short hand-held video addresses the power of holoholo, and was unexpectedly taken at Laupāhoehoe Point – a favorite place to rejuvenate.

When did you last holoholo? What did you do? How did this make you feel?

Would you like to learn how to practice holoholo and harness the “power of being present” – a prelude to entering the Mysteries?

Mālama pono – wishing you radiant health in every way!