Core Traditional Hawaiian Healing Practices

Core Traditional Hawaiian Healing Practices

You will learn:

  •  Four core traditional Hawaiian healing practices, including lōkahi, which is considered the Hawaiian Ancestral Wellness Blueprint by many traditional Hawaiian cultural practitioners.
  • How to incorporate core Hawaiian healing practices into your life to increase your well-being.
  • How to co-create prosperity through nurturing your relationships with divinity, the earth/nature and humankind.
  • Why it’s important to understand who your ʻohana (family) is, and how this affects your path in life.
  • How your moʻolelo (story, genealogy, traditions) shapes your life.
  • Why it’s important to know and live your unique responsibility, and how this affects your well-being.
  • Ways we are “wired” to live a life of service according to modern science.
  • The “keys” to living a happy and long life according to modern science.


You will receive:
A downloadable color PDF: Core Traditional Hawaiian Healing Practices that arrives to your email upon purchase.




Disclaimer: Core Traditional Hawaiian Healing Practices is not a substitute for the expertise provided by a medical doctor, psychologist or psychotherapist. Nor does it claim to give medical or mental health advice.


Lani Yamasaki


Lani Kamauu Yamasaki is a native Hawaiian cultural practitioner. She mentors medical and wellness professionals seeking to bridge science with spirit. She was ʻūniki (traditionally initiated) by her elder Hale Makua, in the psychospiritual healing traditions of their family including hoʻoponopono. Lani co-produced Hawaiʻiʻs premiere Statewide Heal the Healers Conference supporting professionals working directly with survivors of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault. She serves as adjunct faculty with the University of Hawaiʻi John A. Burns School of Medicine, Native Hawaiian Center for Excellence, University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing, and the Pacific Region Indigenous Doctors Congress.