Whenever possible, I escape to the sea for healing. The salt permeates spirit, mind and body and releases what is extraneous to my well-being.

If I can’t get there, I call the sea to me by visualizing a favorite haunt and chant, “La’i lua ke kai … La’i lua ke kai ” which means, “the sea is calm.” Within minutes a sense of peace softly arrives.

In this short video, I share the practice of la’i lua ke kai – becoming calm and deep as the sea.

When our kūpuna or traditional Hawaiian elders express their sentiments about someoneʻs personality, youʻll notice they often speak in lyrical metaphors. They love kaona or hidden meanings.

A person that radiates tranquility and appears to have great depth (like the sea) is often described as laʻi lua ke kai by our kūpuna. This is my daily aspiration – to be as calm as the sea.

What are your practices for cleansing spirit, mind and body? For maintaining your tranquility?

May you have days and nights of peace.

E mālama pono – Take care of your light within!